Danilo and Liang attended the 2016 Fall MRS Meeting and presented their work in two symposia: Danilo presented an oral contribution in Symposium EM5-Materials and Mechanisms of Correlated Electronic Phenomena in Oxide Heterostructures titled “Design Strategy for Novel Mott Multiferroics” on November 28. Liang gave his talk titled “Accurate Ni Electrochemical Phase Diagrams from Comparative First-Principles Calculations and Experimental Measurements” in Symposium EC4-Materials, Devices and Systems for Sustainable Conversion of Solar Energy to Fuels on December 1.

Professor Rondinelli also gave an invited talk on December 1 in Symposium TC2-Design, Discovery, and Understanding of Materials Guided by Theory, Computation and Data Mining on “New Tricks from Epitaxial Strain Engineering in Older Complex Oxides by Design”.