Xuezeng, Nathan, Yongjin, and Raymond attended the 2019 Fall MRS Meeting and presented their work. Xuezeng was awarded Silver medal in Graduate Student Award. Congratulation!

Raymond contributed an oral presentation in Symposium EM04-Chemistry and Physics—Fundamentals titled “Designer Metal-Insulator Transition Compounds from Bayesian Optimization.”

Xuezeng presented a poster in EL03-Ferroelectrics and Metal-Insulator Transition titled “Novel Epitaxial Strain Effects on the Hybrid Improper Ferroelectrics from First-Principles.”

Yongjin presented a poster in EL03-Multiferroics and Magnetoelectrics titled “Electronic and Magnetic Transitions in LaNiO3-δ Nickelate Perovskites with Ordered Oxygen Vacancies.”

Nathan presented a poster in EL04-Chalcogenide Fundamentals and Materials for Photonics, Optoelectronics and Phase-Change Applications titled “Thermal Expansion and Optoelectronic Properties of RuddlesdenPopper Ba3Zr2S”